Completed Projects

CMF conducted Baseline Survey for Sahara Nepal

Strengthening of Micro-finance Sector in Nepal

Ensuring the Inclusion of Women in Nepal’s Emerging Democracy; Developing Women’s Savings and Credit Co-operatives as Schools of Democracy

Promotion of Migrants Savings and Alternative Investments through selected Micro-financing Institutions (MFIs) in Nepal

Enhancing Efficiency and Impact of Women’s Managed Savings and Credit Cooperatives in Nepal

Consulting for Cooperative Development in GIZ/INCLUDE Programme in Nepal

Capacity Building of Savings and Credit Cooperatives

Capacity Building of Partner Cooperatives and Promotion of Cooperative

Sustainable Microfinance Services and Micro-enterprise Promotion through Women Managed Cooperative Societies (Sustainable MF & ME)

Study of Impact of Credit on the installation of biogas plant

Microfinance and Reproductive Health Education

Financial Literacy Package for Micro-entrepreneurs

Consumer Awareness and Financial Education (CAFE) Project

Sakchyam Access to Finance Programme