Sakchyam Access to Finance Programme

The programme works with both the public and private sector to leverage access and facilitate financial sector development for small and medium enterprises and for the rural poor people specifically in the mid-and-far-western regions of Nepal.

To do so, the programme focuses on three main outputs:

1.  Improved SME finance as banks and other financial institutions provide more and better products and services to these enterprises;

2.  Strengthened capacity of microfinance financial institutions as well as other formal and semiformal financial institutions to provide services in selected districts and,

3.  Improved financial capability of enterprises and households in priority districts.

The overall impact of the programme will be improved livelihoods in Nepal through the creation of around 88,000 sustainable new jobs, or job equivalents.

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Donor: DFID
Project Length: 60 months
Location: Mid and Far Western Regions