Enhancing Efficiency and Impact of Women’s Managed Savings and Credit Cooperatives in Nepal

The project is built on the works of the previous 3-year project entitled “Strengthening of Women’s Savings and Credit Co-operatives” implemented by CMF in partnership with the Canadian Co-operative Association (CCA). The three-year project extension built on the achievements of the previous period; lessons learned; and increased the project outreach with qualitative growth of the previous program ensuring the sustained financial services to 25,000 poor rural women.

The project provided advanced and specialized training to partner co-operatives/savings and credit groups and established linkages with wholesale lending institutions and insurance companies wherein the members (poor rural women) were empowered to get access to quality microfinance services. An additional 150 groups were included in the project and market research and socio-economic impact studies were conducted.

Donor: Canadian Cooperative Association
Project Length: October 2005 - March 2011
Location: All throughout Nepal