Our Expertise

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Our Strengths

The Centre for Microfinance (CMF) Nepal has over 21 years of experience improving the lives of the poor, especially women and excluded groups, by promoting and strengthening the microfinance sector through organizational development, training, research, advocacy, advisory services and networking. We focus on our strengths in order to achieve our strategic goals and objectives.

How We Do It

CMF relies on its strategic partnerships to serve vulnerable populations. CMF achieves results through collaboration with other established agencies, microfinance institutions, financial service providers, and community based microfinance institutions. CMF conducts its operations by focusing on 6 key strategic areas or strengths:

  • Networking: There are all together 54 members of the CMF network, including 25 microfinance experts, 2 associations, and 27 institutions in Nepal. As a national network, CMF provides its members with technical assistance, information and knowledge sharing, connections with member institutions, access to workshops and the microfinance summit, training and exposure visits, and social and financial performance reporting. The network continues to grow and strengthen each year.
  • Capacity Building and Training: CMF’s microfinance training is designed to meet the training needs in the country and region by utilizing its qualified microfinance trainers, training materials and resources to the trainee's best advantage. As a result of the trainings, MFIs are able to improve the quality of their services and practices in areas such as governance, financial performance, and marketing. CMF training programs are regularly updated as per the needs of the sector.
  • Research and Studies: To determine whether microfinance programs / MFIs have achieved their desired results, it is crucial to assess the social and economic impact of microfinance. Therefore, impact assessments, research, and studies have become a necessity for microfinance stakeholders. Since its inception, CMF has provided its research findings to help stakeholders in the microfinance industry make informed decisions through CMF-quality research projects and programs.
  • Advisory Services: CMF offers needs based and specialized microfinance advisory services to MFIs, government and non-government organizations, cooperatives, and other stakeholders in similar sectors and areas. Services include promotion of CMF core strategic areas, financial inclusion and access, financial literacy, client protection, micro insurance, remittance management, and micro-enterprise and development.
  • Policy Advocacy: CMF encourages and promotes the microfinance sector in Nepal through lobbying, reviewing policies, creating market linkages, organizing consultations with stakeholders, disseminating best practices, and mobilizing press and media.
  • Organizational Development: Sound policy management, administrative and human resource management, financial management, and program management constitute CMF’s approach to operational development. Through strategic action and direction, CMF is able to achieve its core values, mission, and vision.