The Centre for Microfinance (CMF) Nepal’s initiatives for research and studies are aimed at documenting the achievements made in the sector as well as suggesting further improvements in microfinance policies. Ultimately, the goal is for stakeholders to utilize the research findings in order to make informed decisions in delivering microfinance services to their clients.

CMF provides a wide range of services in developing hill models, comparative study of best practices, financial and social performance management practices and improvement, analysis of cost effectiveness of microfinance programs, identifying training needs of MFIs, developing appropriate microfinance models for excluded groups, case studies, and critical reviews.

CMF has completed more than 50 research projects with the support of WIDTECH, USAID, UNDP, ILO, ICIMOD, CGAP, SNV, PACT, GIZ, CCO, IMPACT, SDC, IDS, MEDEP, ADRA, CECI, UNIFEM, Save the Children, CCA, WE, AEPC, OXFAM, MFC Poland, SEEP Network, and the Smart Campaign.

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