Each of CMF's other five thematic areas are augmented by robust organizational development, ensuring that CMF Nepal is best prepared to serve its stakeholders. CMF strives to create an organizational structure that has clearly deliniated terms and tasks for working within the thematic areas, thus ensuring efficacy and transparency. The theme of organizational development includes initiatives to check and improve upon CMF's methodology. This includes clearly defined steps for measuring the organization's progress, as well as the work of its employees. Annual and ongoing performance reviews act as check-ups on staff work, while staff capability trainings and regular field exposure trips help our staff to grow their skill sets and stay at the cutting edge of the microfinance sector. 

Organizational Development entails translating CMF’s strategic vision, mission, and values into actions with clear direction. The major objectives of this component are to:

  • Maintain a clear human resource management system
  • Deliver effective and efficient services to CMF clients and partners
  • Ensure an efficient, transparent and accountable financial management system
  • Enhance financial discipline and add value to the CMF’s operations
  • Build the capacity of the management team in identifying real issues and solution in the microfinance sector development
  • Ensure effective program formulation and implementation

The eventual outcomes are:

  • Capacity of professional human resources is strengthened
  • CMF members receive effective and efficient services
  • Efficient and accountable financial system is in place
  • Enhanced capacity of program management team in identifying microfinance issues, solution, program formulation and implementation