The Centre for Microfinance (CMF) Nepal has played a vital role in microfinance networking since its inception as a CECI project in 1998. CMF was registered in 2000 as a national autonomous institution to establish market systems through market function, institutional development, and client protection. It also advocates for policy changes involving stakeholders, staff members, and project advisors. During the evolving life of the CMF, it has also invited institutions to be shareholding members and associate members.

CMF builds relationships with the local community, government agencies, service providers, and businesses. These actors come together through CMF's trainings and the biennial Microfinance Summit to exchange ideas and develop new strategies to bring about inclusive finance. CMF Nepal prides itself in its relationships with MFIs, cooperatives, government institutions, and industry professionals, and strives to bring together these stakeholders to create a more collaborative microfinance sector. 

The Centre for Microfinance (CMF) Nepal is also a member of regional and global networks.