CMF Nepal works to grow the capacity of its member organizations and professionals to provide more effective microfinance services to those in need. 

This is primarily done through training sessions offered to MFIs, cooperatives, and interested microfinance professionals. CMF's training staff has developed unique training procedures on a variety of relevant topics, each designed to expand the analytical capacity of trainees. Training sessions are developed in two forms; on-demand and pre-scheduled. On-demand trainings are requested by organizations with a specific capacity need. After a thorough needs assessment is conducted by CMF Nepal, a tailor-made training is conducted with the organization's staff to develop their desired areas of focus. Pre-scheduled trainings are periodically organized by CMF and are open to any interested organizations or professionals. These sessions have a pre-determined subject, usually on one of CMF's specialty subjects with original training exercises and content. 

Common throughout all training sessions is an emphasis on individual development for the greater benefit of an organization or even the entire microfinance sector. Employees are encouraged to think as individuals and to pursue personal growth and satisfaction. When employees master themselves, they are more capable of contributing in a meaningful way to the organizations that they are a part of, and their work in the microfinance sector improves. CMF's unique focus on human values and a balanced work atmosphere are key to effectively reaching participants during trainings and to guaranteeing their success.