Nov 06, 2017

CMF Nepal to conduct two trainings in Kartik 2074 (Oct-Nov 2017)

The training program is designed for microfinance/rural development banks, Financial Intermediary NGOs (FINGOs), development organizations, financial cooperatives and microfinance promoting agencies.


As limited seats are available, please confirm your participation soon.


             (1) Start and Improve Your Business (SIYB) training: From 6th  to 10th November 2017


             The session topics include among others the following:

·             Values based Entrepreneurship Development

·             Marketing and value chain in enterprise

·             Assessing the Business Environment, and a Sample Business Plan Preparation 

·             Increase  micro enterprise loans

·             Reduce the PAR

·             Sharing ideas with other MFIs


                           Objectives of the training:  

·             Enable MFIs to assist clients in their entrepreneurship and business planning skills.

·             Equip MFI staff with the capability to link loans with viable business plans.

·             Improve skills of loan officers and branch managers to analyze business/enterprise viability.

·             Improve skill to appraise business earning and loan repayment capacity in relation to enterprise loans.


              Fee per participant: NRs 15,000 (inclusive VAT), It covers training fees, stationary, bag, digital resources, breakfast, snacks, and lunch.   


                           (2) Microfinance Branch Management Training: From 13th to 16th November 2017


                           Session topics include among others the following:

·             Branch viability and sustainability

·             Portfolios management

·             Effective branch management

·             Creating financial, social and human values,

·             Client protection principles

·             Social performance

·             Conflict management,

·             Staff performance management.


                           Objectives of the training

·             Equip trainees with branch management skills

·             Equip MFI staff with capability in effective financial management

·             Improve skills of branch managers to analyze and manage the branch operations

·             Improve skills in credit / enterprise appraisal

·             Enhance knowledge on values based services delivery

·             Understand new trends, issues, challenges in the sector

·             Improve skills to interact, share perspectives and find solutions collectively.

                           Fee per participant: NRs 12,000 (inclusive VAT), It covers training fees, stationary, bag, digital resources, breakfast, snacks, and lunch.

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