Nov 19, 2016

Dr. Acharya awarded National Honor by Sahamati

On Saturday, November 19th, Centre for Microfinance Nepal CEO Dr. Harihar Acharya was presented with a National Honor Award by Sahamati, in recognition of his contribution to Nepal’s social development through a human values based approach. Nepal is a relatively small country undergoing a process of economic development, within which economic growth is key. However, this growth often leaves the poor and most disadvantaged individuals in society behind as a result of systematic inequalities. Dr. Acharya was selected for this award because of his focus on the need for human values and self-help to work in concert with economic growth for universal social development. The award ceremony was held at Sahamati’s head offices in Gaidakot, Nawalparasi and was attended by organization leadership and members as well as chief guest the Honorable Member of the National Planning Commission Dr. Swarnim Wagle, and special guest Mr. Nahakul KC, the executive director of the Poverty Alleviation Fund. Dr. Wagle presented the award and spoke at the ceremony of his appreciation for Dr. Acharya’s work and his contribution as a mentor to Sahamati. Dr. Acharya’s book, “Human Values in Action: Contribution of Women’s Cooperatives in Economic and Social Transformation of the Poor in Nepal,” was debuted at the ceremony by the Dr. Wagle. This work, published in March 2016, combined practical experiences from Sahamati’s program with Dr. Acharya’s philosophy of human values. He spoke about his work at the ceremony and emphasized self help and human values as the basis for all economic growth. This prestigious honor is awarded every three years by Sahamati to an individual who has advanced the social development agenda in Nepal. 

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