Aug 22, 2016

SABAL Annual Monitoring Survey Training

CMF Nepal is coordinating the data collection for the Annual Monitoring Survey of SABAL, a resilience initiative developed by Save the Children in Nepal and USAID Nepal. Over the course of the next several weeks, CMF Nepal will assist Save the Children by coordinating and conducting data collection through a livelihood-related survey. This will be done by engaging around three dozen survey enumerators/supervisors, training them in data collection techniques, and then deploying them to six project districts including Makwanpur, Sindhuli, Ramechhap, Khotang, Okhaldunga, and Udayapur.
When designing the survey structure, CMF staff focused on developing a methodology that would produce accurate and specific data and strategized ways to eliminate surveyor bias and error. This includes the use of Open Data Kit (ODK) software, deployed on tablet computers, which will be used by enumerators to enter survey answers that can then be immediately transmitted to survey supervisors for review. ODK software is a set of apps frequently used by international organizations to build surveys, collect data, and aggregate the results for analysis. By using ODK throughout the survey process, CMF will have more control over the quality of the data. In addition, the use of tablets will allow CMF to track the exact geographic location of the survey intake, resulting in a very precise map of the resulting data.
From August 22nd through August 28th, staff and trainers from CMF Nepal and Save the Children gathered with the survey enumerators to inaugurate the project and to begin the process of training the enumerators for fieldwork. Mr. A.K.M. Towfique Aziz from TANGO International lead the group through the ODK Collect software and spoke about confidentiality and communication strategies that produce accurate survey results. During these seven days, trainees were introduced to the survey material and were taught how to effectively collect information using the ODK software and the collection tablets. This included extensive practice in actually conducting the survey, done both within the training group and in a field practice session where enumerators carried out trial surveys with families in Chapagaun VDC in Lalitpur District. Throughout the entire week, trainees were exposed to proper data collection protocols and the supervision structure that will be used in the field, preparing them to deliver sound data that will help improve the SABAL Program’s efficacy for years to come.

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