Jun 10, 2016

Social Performance Kick-off Workshop - June 10th

Summary Report of Social Performance Kick-Off Workshop

The dawn of 10th June 2016 saw most of the members of Center for Microfinance [CMF] Nepal assembled in the DECC hall at the World Trade Center, Tripureswor � preparing for the Social Performance Country Report Kick-Off Workshop. A total of forty participants including representatives from 27 MFIs and 13 from other institutions attended the workshop.

Amidst the presence of distinguished personalities like Dr. Binod Atreya  head of the Micro Finance Promotion and Supervision Department of Nepal Rastra Bank, Mr. Ganesh Bahadur Thapa Ex-governor of NRB and the Chairperson of CMF Board of Directors, Ms. Katarzyna Pawlak Deputy Director of MFC, Poland and resource person for the workshop, and Dr. Harihar Acharya Chief Executive Officer of CMF, the workshop formally began at 8:00 am. The workshop was jointly inaugurated by the distinguished guests and a representatives from among the participants by lighting a lamp with five wicks representing the values of integrity, service, peace, love and non-violence. The inauguration session concluded with thoughtful speeches from the guests on the main challenges confronting the microfinance industry in Nepal, the contribution that Social Performance Management can make to address these challenges, and the role that CMF plays to strengthen the capability of MFIs in Nepal in social performance and other areas. The speakers briefly introduced the six dimensions of SP management consisting of:

(1) Define and monitor social goals 

(2) Ensure Board, management and employee commitment to social goals

(3) Treat clients responsibly

(4) Design products, services, delivery models and channels that meet client needs and preferences

(5) Treat employees responsibly

(6) Balance financial and social performance.

The floor was then passed on to the resource person, Ms Katarzyna, to deliver the contents planned for the workshop. Following the introduction of participants, the resource person highlighted the objectives of the workshop, key features of the SP Fund, and the opportunities for networks and MFIs. According to her, the MFIs could access offline and online assistance to fill the SPI4 format through webinars as well as with technical assistance from CMF.

The brief introduction of the SPI4 tool was followed by a practical exercise on some of its dimensions by the participants in order to incorporate the conditions reflected in the case study of Happy Microfinance. The participants received assistance during this exercise from Ms. Katarzyna and CMF training staff members. After the tea break, the entire session was dedicated to the benefits of country report development which demanded active involvement and participation of the members. The discussion and role-play covered areas like information to be collected for the country report, how this information could help both internal and external development of the organization, and who to engage and how to organize different sections in the report.

The workshop concluded after the participants agreed and committed to submit the filled in SPI4 by the end of Shrawan 2073 (mid August 2016) on behalf of their respective organizations.

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