Jagadish Babu Tiwari

Mr. Tiwari holds a Masters Degree in Economics from Tribhuvan University with his dissertation entitled Measuring Effectiveness and Financial Sustainability of Grameen Bikas (Rural Development) Banks in Nepal. Mr. Tiwari has served the Centre for Microfinance (CMF) Nepal for over seven years and currently holds the position of Operations Manager. Mr. Tiwari is the lead support in CMF's Research and Networking thematic area, and has acted as the Project Coordinator for the USSPM Implementation Project Nepal and the Social Performance Introductory Project Nepal and as a Microfinance Advisor for the CMF Nepal Integrated Reproductive Health and Microfinance Project.

Most recently, Mr. Tiwari has served as Team Leader on the Developing Financial Literacy Package for Micro-entrepreneurs Project and has co-facilitated two Training of Trainers events on Financial Literacy to Micro-entrepreneurs for the National Micro-entrepreneurs Federation Nepal.

Mr. Tiwari previously acted as a Program Officer (January 2008 - August 2011) and Senior Program Officer (September 2011 - July 2012) at CMF Nepal. In these positions he was involved in the Networking, Training, and Consultancy Services thematic areas of the CMF. During this period he also acted as the Project Coordinator of the Capacity Building of Savings and Credit Cooperatives in GEEoW VDC/Districts Project.

Mr. Tiwari has also been involved in a number of training and speaking engagements with CMF Nepal, most recently with a speech entitled Translating Mission into Practice Social Performance Management in Nepal, delivered at the South Asian Micro-entrepreneur Network Regional Conference 2014 in Pakistan.

Mr. Tiwari’s notable contributions to the CMF Research and Studies department include:

•          Case Study on Muktinath Bikas Bank Group Training Manual: Supporting informed client decisions, published in Social Performance Resource Library in Social Performance Task Force website (Author)

•          Study on Impact of Credit on the Installation of Biogas Plant for the Alternative Energy Promotion Centre (Microfinance Research Expert)

•          Assessment on Youth Access to Financial Services in Siraha District for Save the Children (Socio-economic Research Expert)

•          Social Performance Management in MFIs: The need for today, published in CMF newsletter Sakshyamata 2013 (Author)

•          Institutional Audit and Status Report of 82 groups/cooperatives under the GEEoW Project (Lead Contributor)

•          Migration and Remittance Services in Nepal for CMF/Oxfam (Research Expert)

•          Market Research on Product Diversification for CMF/CCA (Author)

•          Case study on Sustainable Micro-financing Options for Disseminating Tested Technologies at Project Sites ICIMOD Project areas in Mustang District (Socio-economic Research Expert)

•          Nepal Solar Water Heater Baseline Study for CMF/KFW Germany (Research Coordinator)

•          Social Mapping in Shikharpur, Jalbir and Fulpingkot VDCs of Sindhupalchok District (Lead Researcher)

Mr. Tiwari also previously worked as a Research Officer at the Centre for Policy Studies and Rural Development (December 2005 - 2007), a Participatory Planning Specialist at SEEPORT (June 2006 - 2007), and a Socio-Economist/Researcher at SAPPROS-Nepal (December 1999 - 2004). His notable contributions under these organizations include:

•          Impact Evaluation of Rural Self-Reliance Fund for Nepal Rastra Bank

•          High Altitude Pilot Project for the Community Livestock Development Project of the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives

•          Study on Drinking Water Situation in Nepal for UNDP Pakistan

•          Water Harvesting Tank “A Revolution in Irrigation Systems, Effect of Irrigation in Farming“ A Case Study of Lamitar Village in Makawanpur District, Organization and Resource Management “ Cases from Gorkha and Lamjung Districts for the Ford Foundation

•          Study on Rural Hill Potentials and Service Delivery Systems for IFAD

•          Institutional Arrangements for Rural Developmentfor the World Bank

Mr. Tiwari has also received training in a number of areas including Smart Assessment, Social Auditing, Social Mobilization and Participatory Development, Proposal/Case Writing, SPSS Training, and the Economic Valuation of Environmental Resources.