Nov 21, 2016

National Steering Committee - Working Committee Meeting

On Monday, November 21st, members of the Working Committee for the National Microfinance Summit gathered at the offices of Nirdhan Utahan Bank in Naxal to discuss plans for the Summit to take place in early 2017. The meeting was chaired by Mr. Pitamber Prasad Acharya who acts as the chair of the Summit's National Steering Committee. Members discussed the conference’s budget and formed a fundraising sub-committee and a resource paper sub-committee to more efficiently delegate organization tasks. The Summit themes and objectives put forth by CMF were accepted and members suggested that the proposed session topics be made more specific to better address current challenges and opportunities in Nepal’s microfinance community. The committee also discussed the need for more concrete research as the foundation of the field. They therefore voiced support for a microfinance assessment study in one or more districts to be presented at the Summit, for which CMF was considered to be the most appropriate institution. 

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